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Mouldcraft Industries - Moulds Manufacturers Mumbai, India

Mould for Round Glasses

If you are a manufacturer of plastic glasses, Mouldcraft offers you thermoforming moulds, manufactured and designed as per your requirements.

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Mould for Round Cups

Mouldcraft provides a variety of thermoforming moulds for production of round plastic cups. These are lightweight, durable and find a number of applications.

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Mould for Round Dishes

These products are dimensionally accurate & durable in nature.

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Mould for Bowls

With ever changing lifestyles, the consumer market continues to expand. We have developed & specialized in oval designed thermoforming mould

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Mould for Lids

If you cater to any kind of food or beverage packaging industry, or a FMCG packaging industry, you will need special grade lids for the containers.

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Mould for Meal Tray

Mouldcraft has been into manufacturing Meal Trays with lids since a long time. Meal Trays which are used in India in different states in various sizes.

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Mould for Rectangular Container

If you are a plastic food containers manufacturer engaged in the production of high quality, versatile and pleasing food containers, Mouldcraft can be your partner for designing and delivering container moulds.

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Welcome to Mouldcraft

Mold Exporters Mumbai, India

Established in 1993, Mouldcraft is a trusted mould manufacturer and mould exporter based in Mumbai, India. Over the years, we have built a culture of excellence, trust, and customer-centricity through our specialized range of thermoforming moulds.

Through constant innovation and product development, we emphasize on understanding our customer’s needs and deliver exceptional solutions using cutting-edge technology. We upgrade to the latest technology and ensure that our customers get only the best quality products.

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Mold Manufacturers in Mumbai, India

What makes us standout from our contemporaries is the high-end quality of the product we deliver. At Mouldcraft, we provide comprehensive solutions with state-of-the art product development for moulds and its component designs.

To keep our products in sync with the high precision and accuracy standards, Mouldcraft offers a comprehensive maintenance, training, and service program - ensuring longevity to their products.


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