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Mouldcraft Industries - Moulds Manufacturers Mumbai, India
Mouldcraft Industries - Moulds Manufacturers Mumbai, India

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Moulds for Rectangular Containers / Sweet Box / Mithai Box / Confectionary Box

Thermoforming Moulds for Rectangular Containers, Sweet Box

We specialize in making Rectangular Container / Sweet Box / Mithai Box Moulds. These disposable containers are highly in demand & extensively used in

The various types of Thermoforming Moulds for Rectangular Containers manufactured at Mouldcarft are:

  • Thermoforming moulds for Packaging of Sweets
  • Thermoforming moulds Packaging of Ladoos
  • Thermoforming moulds Packaging of Sonpapdi
  • Thermoforming moulds Packaging of Barfi
  • Thermoforming moulds Packaging of Meat and Seafood products
  • Thermoforming moulds Packaging of Bakery products like Biscuit, etc
  • Thermoforming moulds for Punnets for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Half KG container
140 MM X 190 MM
32 MM, 40 MM, 52 MM, 60 MM, 72 MM, 82 MM, 90 MM
Poly Propylene (PP)

These products are dimensionally accurate & durable in nature. Apart from the same, the other advantages are as below :

  • Odour Resistant
  • Economical prices
  • High Strength
  • Easy to carry leak & spill proof
  • Economical prices
  • Capacious
  • Sturdy & Stackable

We specialize in understanding your requirements and designing container moulds for a variety of industries and applications like Foodstuffs in stores, canteens, cafeteria, Hospitality industry, Sweets Shops, Hospitals, Hospitality - parties, functions, outdoor events, Take-away containers, canteens and mess, Dairy products, Food service stations, Restaurants/ Ice cream joints, Theatres and malls, Cafeterias, Catering services, Drive-in services, Packaging of fast food, sandwiches, salads, rolls, burgers, Eateries, Gifts and confectionaries, etc.

Contact Us for Specification sheets and other characteristics of thermoforming moulds for containers. Share your requirements and we will be happy to assist you.