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Mouldcraft Industries - Moulds Manufacturers Mumbai, India
Mouldcraft Industries - Moulds Manufacturers Mumbai, India

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Moulds for Round Cups

Thermoforming Mold Maker Machine

Mouldcraft provides a variety of thermoforming moulds for production of round plastic cups. These are lightweight, durable and find a number of applications. Ideal for storing liquids, solids and semi-solid materials, these cups are generally made of food-grade and leak-proof material.

If you are a manufacturer of plastic cups, Mouldcraft offers you thermoforming moulds, manufactured and designed as per your requirements. The various kinds of Round Cups moulds manufactured by us are:

  • Thermoforming moulds for Round Cups
  • Thermoforming moulds for Yogurt Cups
  • Thermoforming moulds for Tea Cups
  • Thermoforming moulds for Coffee Cups
  • Thermoforming moulds for Dairy Cups
  • Thermoforming moulds for Ice-cream Cups
  • Thermoforming moulds for Dahi Cups

Round plastic cup mould minimize chances of contamination. Plastic Cup Moulds can be used to manufacture round cups that are used in industries and applications like Hospitality - parties, functions, Outdoor events, Offices, Canteens and mess, Food service stations, Restaurants/ Ice cream joints, Theatres and malls, Cafeterias, Catering services, Drive-in services, Eateries, Gifts and confectionaries, etc.

Contact Us for Specification sheets and other characteristics of thermoforming moulds for round cups. Share your requirements and we will be happy to assist you.