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Mouldcraft Industries - Moulds Manufacturers Mumbai, India
Mouldcraft Industries - Moulds Manufacturers Mumbai, India

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Moulds for Lids

Thermoforming Moulds Manufacturers India for Lids

If you cater to any kind of food or beverage packaging industry, or a FMCG packaging industry, you will need special grade lids for the containers. Mouldcraft designs special moulds for manufacturing lids for all types and shapes of plastic food containers. Over the years, we have become the mould manufacturer of choice and delivered hundreds of moulds for lids across a variety of thermoforming machines.

While selecting a mould manufacturer for your plastic lid production, you decision should be govern by several factors in terms of utility and quality. More qualities are:

  • Quality of material to be used
  • Applications such as leak-proof seal, food-grade material, microwave-safe, etc.
  • Durability and pressure specifications

If you are a manufacturer of plastic Glasses, Cups, Conatiners, bowls, Mouldcraft offers you thermoforming Lid moulds, manufactured and designed as per your requirements. The various kinds of Lid moulds manufactured by us are:

  • Thermoforming Lid moulds for Glasses
  • Thermoforming Lid moulds for Cups
  • Thermoforming Lid Moulds for Containers
  • Thermoforming Lid moulds for Bowls

Lids find a variety of usages across industries and applications like Hospitality - parties, functions, outdoor events, Regular use - offices, canteens and mess, Restaurants, Ice cream joints, Theatres and malls, Cafeterias, Catering services, Drive-in services, Packaging of fast food, salads, Gifts and confectionaries, Eateries, Cola Glasses, Milkshake glasses, Juice Glasses, Take-away glasses, Coffee Glasses, Tea Glasses, Dairy products, Ice cream, etc.

Mouldcraft also manufactures custom designed moulds for lids required for applications that use specialized materials and adhere to specific performance standards.

We can manufacture moulds for producing containers in varying sizes and designs for highly durable, attractive, and user-friendly containers for foodstuffs, Punnets for fresh fruits and vegetables, Hingable boxes for Sandwiches, etc.

Contact Us for Specification sheets and other characteristics of thermoforming moulds for lids. Share your requirements and we will be happy to assist you.