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Mouldcraft Industries - Moulds Manufacturers Mumbai, India
Mouldcraft Industries - Moulds Manufacturers Mumbai, India


Quality Policy

Mouldcraft thrives on its ability to develop solutions by understanding the customer needs and delivering products and services that ensure client satisfaction. A stringent quality policy, ensuring that our customers receive high-end thermoforming moulds at a competitive price.

We believe in customer- centricity and our actions are influenced by their requirements. We define quality as delivering the right product at the right price in the right time.

Opinions from our valued customers and industry experts enable us to make further improvements for matching the global benchmarks.

Mouldcraft Industries - Quality Policy
Mouldcraft Industries - Quality Policy

The pillars of our sustained quality assurance are:


Thermoforming Mould Machine

We are a thermoforming mould manufacturers in India(a thermoforming mould manufacturing company) with over 25 years of experience. Over these years, an ongoing investment in facilities, technology, and Specialised labor, has led to innovation and sustainability.

Our specialization in designing and manufacturing customized thermoforming moulds enables us to set newer industry benchmarks.

Our innovative and precise thermoforming mould designs enable you to manufacture more units for a given input load. Efficiency is the buzzword at our R&D centers and special checks are done to achieve:

  • Reduced sheet side-trim wastage
  • Saving of considerable amount of energy
  • Higher efficiencies
  • Unmatched precision


Thermoforming Moulds Manufacturers Complex Precision Thermoforming Moulds

At Mouldcraft, we specialize in manufacturing complex precision thermoforming moulds with the desired surface finishing and high product volume.

Our complete mould and component manufacturing solutions are created through CAD software and in-house facilities, machinery, and instruments. We also offer maintenance and service facilities to ensure smooth functioning of the thermoforming moulds we supply and which is operator friendly.


Established in 1993, Mouldcraft functions on a promise, that outstanding design capabilities backed by advanced technology is the only means to provide the best products to our clients. We define performance as the ability to adhere to the required specifications - throughout the life of the mould.

Through years of efforts in product development, we have built a leadership position in the industry. We continue to widen the gap over competition. We empower ourselves by investing in infrastructural facilities, technology, and research, to offer the most relevant solutions.

With a series of quality tests at our state-of-the-art product development center, we guarantee the most satisfactory performance from moulds and component designs manufactured by us. We utilize high-end CAD platforms and innovative product development techniques, for guaranteeing long-lasting and efficient performance.

Maintenance and service of the moulds can be arranged round the clock so that your products meet the precision and performance standards.


Our QUICK-CHANGE mechanism facilitates production from two different cavities quickly and easily.

Regular upkeep ensures that the moulds adhere to the required specifications.

Thermoforming Mould Machine Thermoforming Plastic Mould Machine

At Mouldcraft, we are committed to innovating ideas and delivering excellence in product development. We ensure that by constantly innovating and keeping in touch with the latest technology our thermoforming moulds always exceed the customer expectations in terms of performance, accuracy, and reliability.

Designing of Thermoforming Mould Using CAD

Our technology and experienced designers enable us to create rendered photo quality drawings that save time and money rather than going straight to prototype. We can then produce and modify prototypes rapidly which is especially important given the ever shrinking deadlines when launching new products.